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Kitio's Music

let's you travel, dream, dance......

Kitio returns to his Kongo roots to redefine and reform "roots reggae". What he calls Kongo Bongo or Kongo reggae is reggae mixed with traditional Kongo beats from Southern Congo Brazzaville, such as Ngoma-Tela, Wala or Nzobi and the intonation of Rapha Bounzeki's Rumba and a touch Latin of Bonga Kuenda.


The mixing is accomplished on the one hand by Kitio's particularly striking way of pinching the strings of his classical guitar, conjuring simultaneously the rhythmic beats of the "ngoma" (a traditional Congolese drum) and the "malonga yibi taba" (also a traditional instrument), and on the other hand, by his melodic and dominant voice, soft and piercing at the same time, slightly nasal and grating, inspired by Rapha Bounzeki and Bob Marely. The result is a wave of melancholic sound that makes you dream and awakens your dancing soul at the same time, an unconventional reggae music, full of deep emotions.


Kitio masters the art of making his guitar speak, allowing the understanding of his lyrics mostly sung in Lari and Lingala beyond linguistic borders. His lyrics are based on his every-day observations of a Congolese social class struggling to survive the daily challenges they are exposed to in an autocratic, unstable country that is experiencing a social, economic and environmental recession. With his songs Kitio shares his critical observations and places his advice discreetly - Be humble and content yourself with what you have and who you are, while fighting to do better, because time is limited - is the key and universal message mediated by his music.