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Kitio a  self-taught multi talented artist 

Kitio's characteristic way of playing his classical guitar can, not at last, be explained by a deformation of his right hand after an accident in his early infancy. The third of six children, he was born on December 05, 1984 in Lounzolo, in the southern part of Congo Brazzaville. Since their childhood the Batola children were rocked by the guitar and songs of their father. Having studied in Cuba, he primarily played Latin melodies in Spanish. Being a great lover of music, Kitio’s father was also supporting a rumba band from their neighbourhood. Among them was Rapha Bounzeki, who later became an idol for little Kitio.

At the age of nine, Kitio began learning to play the bass guitar. Two years later his parents enrolled him and his three brothers with a children’s group at the Evangelical church where he learned to sing and play the guitar. At the age of 12, his father encouraged him to take vocalisation classes together with him.

In 1997, together with his brothers, Kitio set up the band F.B.Star (Frères Batola Stars). In this group he occupied the position of the Artistic Director, he played the bass guitar and acted as singer and songwriter. The music of F.B.Stars was heavily grounded in folk music. In 2013, F.B.Stars was chosen to represent the Congo at the 7th Jeux de la Francophonie in Nice. Back in the Congo, Kitio decided to focus more on reggae and to pursue a solo career and founded his new group Kitio & the Kongomen.


Some important events & performances:

July 21, 2018 Afro Fusion Festival, Lausanne, Switzerland

April 2018 The song Dzouna and the song 7 Sambo won HONORABLE MENTION at the International Songwriting Competition

2017 recording of the album "Kongo Roots" *;
August 2016 MASSA Festival, Abidjan, Ivory Coast *;
August 2015 Independence Day in Ouesso, Republic of Congo *;
July 2014 Ebué Stadium in Brazzaville *;
March 2014 French Institute in Congo, Brazzaville *;
August 2013 Panafrican Music Festival (FESPAM), Brazzaville *;
September 2013 7th Games of La Francophonie in Nice, France **;
April 2010 finalist at the RFI ** Discovery Prize;
2010 French Cultural Center, Brazzaville **;
2009/2010 MAKINOU BANTU Festival, Brazzaville (2nd and 3rd edition) **;
January 2009 recording of the album "true identities" **

* KITIO & LES KONGOMEN, Roles: Founder, Manager, Author, Composer, Lead singer, Guitarist
** F.B.STARS, Roles: Co-Founder, Art Director, Author, Composer, Lead Singer, Guitarist and Bassist