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The 9 tracks of the album were written and composed by Kitio, who also acted as sound arranger during recordings. The songs were recorded at the studio DM Records in Brazzaville with the financial support of "Olida Production" and mixed and mastered by AMM (Audio Mixing Mastering) in Amsterdam.

The album bears the same title as one of its songs, "Kongo Roots". The song "Kongo Roots" is also called "Tibelelo". Tibelelo means "roots" in Lari, Kitio's mother tongue. In this song Kitio addresses the rural exodus and emigration to developed countries and encourages Africans to remember their origins and cultural roots. This song strongly dominated by traditional Kongo rhythms (the reggae is only heard in the background of the drums and the bass) was chosen as the title of the album because it does not only talk about roots, but clearly demonstrates the origin or roots of the Kongo Reggae, the particular reggae of Kitio.

The lyrics that were written in Lingala or Lari have all been translated into French and can be found on the French version of this page. Two songs "Dzouna" and "7 Sambo" have also been translated into English (click on the bottom below to read the song lyrics):

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Kitio & the Kongomen have published the Album "Kongo Roots